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Tag: Social Life

The Supermarket: Reflexive Essay on the Ambivalence of Work and Play

I stood at the corner of queues, typing my field observations. The short queue in front of me quickly emptied. The adjacent queue was long, however, and barely moved for a few minutes. Looking up, I saw that two of the three ‘Single Basket Checkout’ counters were unmanned. I exclaimed the situation to my parents in the queue. Yet despite the folded arms and knitted eyebrows, no one moved—certainly not to the long-empty ‘Self-Checkout’ queue.

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Do Students with Dyslexia Suffer More from School Transitions?

Students with dyslexia—a medicalized disorder manifested by difficulties in conventional learning—are likely to face challenges in academic performance and social support, which can lead to poorer mental health outcomes. These challenges are likely amplified following a school transition, where all students, but particularly those with dyslexia, have to adapt to an entirely new academic and social environment not familiar with their specific needs.

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