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Do Students with Dyslexia Suffer More from School Transitions?

Students with dyslexia—a medicalized disorder manifested by difficulties in conventional learning—are likely to face challenges in academic performance and social support, which can lead to poorer mental health outcomes. These challenges are likely amplified following a school transition, where all students, but particularly those with dyslexia, have to adapt to an entirely new academic and social environment not familiar with their specific needs.

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MindfulSG App: Normalizing Mental Help-Seeking in Singapore

Mental illness is a significant public health issue in Singapore. The 2010 Singapore Mental Health Study found that 1 in 17 suffered from major depressive disorder, and 1 in 33 from obsessive-compulsive disorder, with the latter surpassing the US and Europe. Existing apps in Singapore seek to promote self-help through private thought diaries, mood trackers, and goal-setting. But for self-help to be more effective, the pervasive cultural stigma attached to mental health patients must be tackled.

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