The Sociology Practicum: Finding Your Voice In The Working World (Ebook Bundle)

The Sociology Practicum is written for anyone who wants to find their voice in the working world.

IThe Sociology Practicum Book Covert is tailor-made for Sociology students and graduates who wish to bring along the spirit of their discipline into their working worlds of choice, whatever the constraints awaiting them.

It is a book of hope, that whoever you are, whatever you do, and wherever you work, you can breathe greater purpose into your working life.

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Product Information

You will receive an eBook bundle with both the EPUB (most common) and MOBI (for Kindle) versions of The Sociology Practicum. These formats are optimized for viewing regardless of the device you are using, whether phone, tablet, or desktop.

An E-reader is NOT needed to read these files. You can find an E-reading app in your mobile app store and read on-the-go. Similarly, you can find free software to read on your laptop. Your E-reading device/app/software should allow you to wrap text regardless of font size, read in dark mode, toggle scrolling/flipping mode, etc.


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