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Author Bio

Socio Empath is a pen name, but more so an aspiration.

Its owner is Eugene JL Lim, a Singaporean who writes because he needs to. He used to write out of a psychological need: A rampant mind and an anxious gut both need emptying.

He now writes with a spiritual need: To constantly rewrite his self – and thus his life. He strives for a life of growth and creativity, to radiate meaning and love into the lives of those around.

This journey will take a lifetime.

The label of Socio Empath is his note to self to keep an open mind and a warm heart, and share both with his readers. It is also a shout-out to humanity, to retain agency despite cultural constraints. In this spirit, he is delighted to present his first book: The Sociology Practicum.

Do explore his works of creation and find courage for your own!