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Essays on Everyday Life

Learning the ‘Right’ to One’s Opinions

Published on The Good Men Project

“The complete rejection of contradicting opinions is not a right, but a need that stems from insecurity. If we mistake this human need as a right, there can only be conflict. If everyone has the right to their own opinions, then no one needs to question their own opinions. No one needs to care whether their opinions are valid or not—it is valid as long as it is theirs.”

Can You Really Quit Social Media?

Published on The Good Men Project

“Withdrawing from social media is not a cowardly option. It is, in fact, a courageous act. It takes consciousness to see through our virtual addictions. It takes conviction to tear away from the promise of affirmation, even if it is driven by the fear of rejection.”

“But I hope—even though it’s years now—that this is a transitory phase.”